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Under the Hood

Nothing to hide, No Photoshop
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  • CAD
    Jigsaw Wall Construction
    Interlocking structural grade ply with radial corners
  • CNC
    CNC Router Cut from Solid Sheets
    CNC Router cutting millimeter precision
  • 80%
    80% Bolts & Screws
    Our frames are bolted and screwed for strength & durability
  • 40+
    More than 40 Layouts
    Choose from our existing layouts or ask about customisation

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All Wonderland RV caravans are manufactured using our pioneered jigsaw wall construction method. This method provides superior strength and flexibility compared to the ‘sticks & staples’ method used by the majority of caravan manufacturers. Most caravan brands, including those that promote themselves as high end brands, are built using this outdated ‘sticks & staples’ requiring low skill set. The quality of their finished caravan depends on the workforce with great variability between production slots. To eliminate these errors Wonderland RV uses our pioneered Jigsaw Method which ensures that each piece fits perfectly to mm precision whether it is the first caravan or the 500th that comes out of our factory.