The Angry Fisherman

On Boxing Day 2018 The Angry Fisherman, wife and three kids started their journey of this great nation of ours. Thirteen months on the road with 3 kids. Let the adventure begin.
Day 115 of the lap...Millstream Chichester National Park
If you're headed from Karajini to Karratha Millstream Chichester National Park is definitely worth a look. The campsite out at Millstream is next to the old homestead where natural springs flow and create an oasis of huge palm trees and greenery. We were here on Easter Sunday and Easter Bunny visited us this morning! The kids were a bit worried that he wouldn'tbe able to find us. But that cheeky bunny not only found us, he scattered easter eggs all over the caravan! Needless to say there was high excitement when the kids woke up at 6.30! After the eggs were collected and sorted we had hot cross buns for breakfast and watched Hop on DVD. After a lazy morning for the grown ups and a chocolate fuelled breakfast for the kids we needed to get out and about! The walk around the homestead is easy and the ruins of the bathhouse, old veggie gardens and streams to the lake out behind the house. There's a lot of history here from both the early settlers who ran stock on the land and from the indigenous people who lived here for thousands of years before them. Our friends Argalls Aussie Adventure came with us and the kids had a ball climbing the trees and floating boats they made out of bark down the running streams. "We probably would have stayed longer but the flies were out of control and after a Karajini and being inland for nearly 2 weeks we were ready to head back to the coast. So we hitched up and hit the road. On the way towards Karratha we stopped at the Chichester Ranges and visited Python Pool. The scenery of this park does not let you down, like every where else in this area it's on a grand scale and uniquely beautiful. It was definitely worth coming and if there had of been a better wet season we probably would have been able to camp here. When the water is flowing Python pool would be amazing, but there as a bit of algae growth when we were there so we decided not to swim and the flies were horrendous so we were keen to get to Karratha. Let’s see what adventures tomorrow will bring.."