About Us

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The Founders

The Wonderland Story

Founded by veterans in the Australian Caravan Industry, we’re dedicated to creating caravans that can traverse the most rugged and unforgiving terrain without compromising on performance, comfort, safety or luxury.

We are passionate about building rigourous caravans to inspire the pioneering spirit to explore the Australian outback in luxury.

The Wonderland Workmanship

Over the years, we have remained committed to pioneering innovative manufacturing methods, using the latest technology and prioritising workmanship.

We use CAD technology for secure Jigsaw Wall Construction, CNC Router cutting for millimeter precision and all our frames are bolted and screwed for durability.

Stunning Bespoke  Design

With an obsession for luxury, all Wonderland RVs are designed with liveability, comfort and enjoyment in mind.

With over 40 floor plans, you can select a pre-designed layout or work with our in-house designer to customise your own.

Wonderland Aftermarket Service

We’re obsessed with delivering premium aftermarket service and we are continuously striving for more creative ways to elevate the Wonderland RV experience.

What's Under the Hood?

Read about the Wonderland Manufacturing Process.