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Wonderland RV Partner with Off Grid Outfitters

Caravan adventure lovers can go to Off Grid Outfitters in Sydney for the latest in camper trailers, hybrid campers, and full-size caravans.  They are committed to provide a life of adventure through the products and services they provide.  Wonderland RV is one of their leading brands due to our exceptional off-road capabilities and luxury features that make our products a boutique hotel on wheels.

Off Grid Outfitters can also help you with your RV customisation to suit your needs.  They have a fully equipped Service and Maintenance Workshop for all your repairs, upgrades, and servicing.  Whether you’re planning your next adventure, need some gear for your current one, or looking for caravans for sale in Sydney, Off Grid Outfitters can help you.

explore the range

Four models and loads of customisations mean you can Wonderland RV your way.

Custom lengths

18’06” to 24’ single and tandem axles

Bunks galore

Up to 6 bunk beds for big families

Custom layouts

30+ couple and family layouts

‘The Wonderland RV range has more inclusions than most others.’

Kevin Smalley

why wonderland rv?

built tough

Unique jigsaw construction for strength and durability

custom made

A caravan to suit your family and the trips you want to take

luxury finish

Impeccable, comfortable interiors that offer a welcome retreat

peace of mind

3 year factory-backed warranty and premium aftersales service

only the best components

caravan insurance

We’re an authorised distributor of Let’s Go Caravan Insurance.

ready for adventure?

Our expert advice will guide you through your caravan customisation.  We’ll listen to understand how you’ll use your van, then bring your dream to life.