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Embracing the Freedom of the Outdoors

They ditched the nine-to-five, trading rush hour for majestic sunrises and sunsets. Exploring breathtaking landscapes since 2021, Lost Tribe Adventures have turned off-road caravanning into a lifestyle. Aaron and Steph are creating lasting memories with their two beautiful children, Wes and Georgi. Their never-ending passion to explore the beauty of Australia aligns with what Wonderland is all about, and that’s why they are our ambassadors.

“We have been living on the road for over 3 years. We don’t have an end date on our travels and hope to continue to live this life for years to come… We have learnt so many new things and made friendships to last a lifetime.” 

Lost Tribe Adventures

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What is your best travel hack?

Our caravanning bible is the WikiCamps app – it’s led us to some hidden gems. We also like the Petrol Spy app as it has saved us a fortune. Download the Windy app if you want to chase sunshine all year round. When going off-grid for a longer time, I’d say get a second freezer and a water bladder, so you won’t have to move to get more food or water. 

What is your favourite
place that you’ve visited?

Choosing one is tough. We’ve explored so many incredible places. We loved being on the Yorke Peninsula for the second time around. We also had a ripper time at Kangaroo Island. We lived off the land, met awesome mates, and just took things really slowly – it was the island life for us.  

What do you love most
about your caravan?

Again, it’s hard to land on one thing in particular. Our first caravan was a green 2019 22ft Wonderland Adventus – we had so many compliments about it! Now, we’ve recently upgraded to a new van and we are overwhelmed with it. We especially like the advanced electrical system.

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