Wheatland Wanderers

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A Caravanning Dream That Became a Reality

The Wheatland Wanderers are Cameron, Sharyn, and their sons Jye and Cruz.

They started out their journey camping years ago firstly in tents and swags, then they moved up to camper trailers, then on again to pop-up caravans, then to a full height van.

They would sit inside of high-end caravans at caravan camping shows (especially Wonderland Caravans) thinking, “This is only ever going to be a dream.”

One day they made their dream come true, with their very first custom designed Wonderland XTR.

Caravanning runs in their blood, and as they began their own family, Shaz and Cam wanted their two boys to embrace more of the wonderful country that we live in and the camping lifestyle that they also enjoy so much. Today, the Wheatland Wanderers are chasing what they love: Being out in nature, fishing, camping, exploring , making memories and simply living life to the fullest.

“We’ve just embraced travel more than ever before, realising life is way too short.”

“We had a few health things come into our family over the years, but that made us more aware to opening our eyes and following our dreams instead of just working the 9-5 lifestyle enjoying our passion as a family to travel Australia.”

Wheatland Wanderers

Join Them on Their Journey

What is your best travel hack?

Having the ability to use our Ram 2500 as a silent generator.

If we want to cook something in the van, in the air fryer for instance as it draws a lot of power, we’ll connect the actual car battery system in the caravan.

We have a large battery system in the Ram paired with 100 amp hour DC charger and dual alternators which can charge up our batteries very quickly.

We use the truck most days to explore which therefore charges up the batteries, then days we don’t travel we have a large solar panel mounted on the roof that charges the truck back up.

This allows us to pull power from the truck and input it into the van if needed and vice versa.

So for example if the truck batteries get low we can simply hook up a power lead from the van to the truck to top up the batteries as we have a huge solar array on our van.

Or if we are using a high drawing appliance we can pull from the truck to the van.

What is the favourite place you visited?

We have just completed a large 9-month full-time trip on the road where we travelled throughout WA, SA, and NT.

We would have to say that East Arnhem Land (Nhulunbuy) was our highlight of the trip – the remoteness, the fishing, the lifestyle and the indigenous culture. It was mind blowing being able to experience such culture as we were lucky enough to be able to stay there for 6 weeks.

It was so remote, 800 km of tortuous red dusty dirt road to get there, but we camped 3 nights at some top locations along the track something we will treasure for the rest of our lives until we return again.

NT was pretty much a highlight for us as everything is just so relaxed there – such a brilliant state!

What do you love most about your caravan?

There’s so much that we love about our caravan but if we had to pick one it would have to be the Cruisemaster ATX suspension, it’s worth every penny in our opinion.

No more having the get levelling ramps out again when you pull up at a un-level campground surface.

Being able to raise the van on water crossings or dips in roads so you won’t bottom out the rear end of the van.

When travelling on corrugations or rough terrain the ATX simply floats over it with the airbags and remote reservoir shocks absorbing all the impact this therefore makes less stuff move around or get damaged during transit.

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