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We love inspiring people to get out there and have life-changing experiences in the most stunning parts of our country.


Wonderland RV designs and manufactures luxury off-road caravans for solo , couples and families who want to explore the beauty of Australia in style. 

We’re constantly innovating, testing and improving our caravans to give our customers the freedom to go further, stay longer and live luxuriously wherever they roam.

In 2014, nobody was making luxury vans to suit the needs of growing families.

Your dream van awaits


Wonderland RV was founded in 2014 by sisters Val and Ana and their husbands, Kevin, an industrial designer, and Robert, a veteran of the Australian caravan industry.

They started out building vans for themselves because at the time, nobody was making luxury vans to suit the needs of growing families.

Today, their tight-knit family business manufactures around four completely customised luxury caravans per week to meticulous quality standards on their boutique production line in Victoria.

They employ a dedicated and knowledgeable team committed to going the extra mile for every customer, with dealers Australia-wide for an exceptional ownership experience.

Your dream van awaits

We named our business after this wonderful land of ours.


We love inspiring people to get out there and have life-changing experiences in the most stunning parts of our country.

Our favourite thing to do is head off the beaten track and put our caravans to the test. We love meeting other Wonderlanders in the outback or by peaceful rivers, beaches and mountains and seeing the joy they get from their vans.

We always return from these family trips full of new ideas to enhance the caravanning experience for our customers.

Each of the four Wonderland RV partners brings something special to the team. Let’s meet the family behind the Wonderland RV brand.

Each of the four Wonderland partners brings something special to the team. Let’s meet the family behind the Wonderland RV brand.

ana pepa
customer experience manager
Ana at Wonderland RV

Responsible for customer service, sales and the dealer network. Works closely with design, engineering and production to ensure every customer is delighted with their Wonderland RV experience.

Best part of Ana’s job

Ana loves getting to know each customer, understanding their travel plans and seeing their excitement when they first step inside their new van. Getting travel updates from their journey is the icing on the cake.

Ana on the road

On tour, Ana is the travel agent, busily making bookings, scouting out amazing places to visit and finding the best coffee shops. She loves swimming in rivers, hiking and cycling, and is always on the lookout for a good farmers’ market to source local seasonal produce and prepare a delicious feast back at the camp kitchen.

robert uzelac
production manager
Rob at Wonderland RV

Rob has been building caravans since he was 17 and now oversees Wonderland RV’s dedicated production team. He ensures every caravan is built to precise standards, exactly as ordered, and delivered on time.

Best part of Rob’s job

Rob is inspired by the endless care and effort his team puts in. He loves seeing the vans come to life, knowing he’s enabling customers to have incredible life-changing experiences with their loved ones.

Rob on the road

For Rob, holiday time is all about relaxation and spending time with family and friends. He loves swapping stories with fellow travellers, enjoying a cold beer by the campsite or cooking up a storm. Whether it’s snags for the hungry hoards or a slow-cooked gourmet feast, the BBQ is Rob’s domain. He’ll happily while away the hours with a beer in hand, of course.

kevin dani
design manager
Kev at Wonderland RV

Kev oversees design, engineering, customisations and technical support. He lives and breathes caravanning, using his background in industrial design to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Best part of Kev’s job

Kev is an innovator. He uses family trips to test new technology, features and designs. He loves refining layouts, specifications and appearance to create products that just keep getting better.

Kev on the road

When Kev hits the road, he’s called ‘Jack,’ thanks to his ability to fix almost anything. He gets a real kick out of organising hikes, mountain biking and other adventurous activities for the kids. Sitting by the campfire is his favourite way to unwind, even as his mind keeps dreaming up the next product improvement ideas.

val dani
finance manager
Val at Wonderland RV

Val looks after Wonderland RV’s finances, HR and OH&S departments. Her big-picture approach ensures all decisions uphold their vision and values so every customer experiences the Wonderland RV difference.

Best part of Val’s job

Val loves working on projects that improve Wonderland RV’s products, service, relationships and working environment. Seeing the finished vans and delighted customers reminds her just how far they’ve come.

Val on the road

Val is a hippy at heart. When travelling, she loves free camping by rivers and recharging in nature with a book, essential oils and herbal tea. She’s also the camp DJ. Whether the vibe calls for meditation music, Aussie rock classics or trance bush doof music, her Bluetooth speaker and trusty playlists are at the ready.

Your dream van awaits

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