Built Tough: The Engineering Behind the Durability of the Hornet Caravan

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Wonderland’s Hornet caravan is built to withstand the harshest Aussie outback and take on the roughest terrains. Its luxurious interior is as durable as it is comfortable. 

If the wild yonder is calling out to you, our rugged off-road caravan can safely take you there – because it’s built to last with the best components. 

So how do we build that perfect tough caravan for you?


Building Tough Caravans from the Ground Up 

The journey of a Wonderland caravan begins in your dreams… Our teams are like dream weavers who will sit down with you, noting down your every wish and desire.  Once you’re happy with the design, your caravan goes through a proven process as described below.  

The Caravan’s Chassis 

We first receive the customised chassis, which is the backbone of your dream caravan. As it starts to take shape, the factory workers carefully map out the placement for the essentials. Their job is to lay the groundwork for the rest of the build. 

We partner with Aussie-Made S&M Chassis & CRZR Industries 

Strong and made in Australia, the S&M (Strong & Mighty) chassis design ensures structural integrity. It is powder-coated and finished in anti-corrosive black Toughcoat MP or, when upgraded, Toughcoat-PC and hot-dip galvanised to ensure the maximum durability.   

The CRZR Industries chassis provides a sturdy foundation, improved off-road handling (pitched A-frame and radius arm suspension), and a smoother ride with increased ground clearance (air suspension) – perfect for tackling tough terrain with an Hornet. 

Flooring, Walls, and Frame 

Wonderland RV uses the interlocking jigsaw frame technique, not the traditional “sticks and staples” approach. Structural-grade plywood is moulded using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and then meticulously cut with CNC routers.  

The floor structure (the foundation of your home on wheels) and the walls follow suit, then holes are cut with precision for windows and doors. Because large single pieces of material are used instead of piecing together smaller parts, the result is a tougher caravan. The Hornet’s structural integrity is ensured, and superior strength is achieved – just like for any of our other models for that matter 

Cabinets and Cupboards  

The cabinetry is then pieced together with care. Just like the frame, the cabinets are screwed and bolted (not stapled). This ensures sturdy and durable installation, capable of withstanding the rigors of travel. 

We have recently expanded our factory in order to cut all these pieces in-house. This allows us to have more flexibility and also more control over the quality and speed of the projects. 


Electrical, Plumbing Systems, Exterior Structure 

For the next step of the build, the electricians step in to set up the wiring for the electrical system, satellite, Wi-Fi, heater, or dishwasher (if selected). The plumbing is then also installed, ensuring self-sufficiency on the road. All this happen before the external finishing team completes the protective exterior shell to shield from the elements. 

Smart Electrical Systems 

The Hornet is powered by 800W solar and 400Ah lithium battery and 2600W inverter for off-grid self-sufficiency and comfort.  

Redarc Alpha 75 is the van’s mobile power/battery management system, which delivers 75A. It is more compact and lighter than comparable systems and can withstand extreme conditions and vibrations. You can also select from 20+ electrical system upgrades from our brand partners like Enerdrive, Victron, and Ecoflow. 

The Final Touches 

Before your caravan leaves the factory, we recommend you have your caravan ceramic coated to protect it from weather damage, washing, and the normal ‘wear and tear’. 

We go the extra mile in everything we do to ensure your caravan stands the test of time.  

Ready to explore? Your adventure starts here: 


The Caravan’s Choice Components 

Building the best rugged off-road caravan requires first-rate products from our carefully selected suppliers. 

Enhanced Suspension for Smooth Sailing 

The suspension system of the Hornet comes with a standard 3.7T Cruisemaster XT suspension, which is designed for rugged terrains and ensures optimal weight distribution and stability. For more control and comfort, you could upgrade to a 4.4T wireless airbag suspension. 

The Cruisemaster Hitch 

The hitch connects your Hornet caravan to the tow vehicle. The DO35 Hitch (or the DO45 Hitch upgrade) is designed for optimal towing dynamics and weight distribution. A double automatic locking mechanism adds safety. The hitch can move freely in multiple directions at the same time, perfect for uneven terrain. 

Superb Safety & Security 

The Hornet caravan is equipped with a reversing camera for effortless manoeuvring. The Safety Dave camera is a sunshield-mounted device, with an unobstructed view of the space behind the vehicle, enhancing safety and ease when reversing. 

There is an optional GPS Tracker that can detect movement. When theft is attempted, the system activates the caravan’s lights and alarm, and applies the brakes. This makes it practically impossible for the caravan to be towed away. 

Other safety features to ensure the durability of our Wonderland’s tough caravans: 

  • Breakaway System, designed to bring the caravan safely to a halt if it accidentally detaches from the tow vehicle 
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector, to alert you to potential fire hazards and dangerous carbon monoxide levels in your caravan 
  • LPG Detector, designed to detect leaks in your LPG system and prevent potential fire hazards 
  • Fire Blanket and Fire Extinguisher, so you can quickly suppress fires 
  • Dexter Electronic Sway Control (which is an optional upgrade) helps maintain stability and control, particularly during high winds or when large vehicles pass

The Hornet: Engineered to Adapt to Various Conditions 

The Hornet caravan’s durability lies in its thoughtful engineering, high quality components, customisation options, and adaptability to the rugged Australian landscape. It is a reliable choice for adventurers who seek a sturdy and comfortable caravan.  

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