The XTR 1906 XT1906R-L, a 19ft 6in caravan, blends comfort and functionality, supporting a 3.5T aggregate trailer mass. It features a north-south oriented caravan queen bed with a luxurious pillow top mattress, flanked by convenient walkways on each side.

Storage is a key feature, including a 670L tunnel boot and a 650L under-bed storage, both accessible externally. Mirrored wardrobes, bedside tables with drawers, and several cabinets provide ample space for belongings.

The kitchen, equipped with ten drawers, overhead cabinets, and an under-sink cabinet, facilitates efficient meal preparation and storage Seating is generously provided by an L-shape lounge, which features a telescopic, adjustable table leg for height variation.

The bathroom is spacious, offering a large rear layout with a shower, vanity, storage, and a 3kg space-saving wall-mounted washing machine. With a rear entry design, the caravan ensures minimal disruption to the main bedroom area, offering an ideal balance of luxury, privacy, and practicality for travellers.

  • Caravan queen bed 1530x1880mm
  • North-south island orientation
  • Luxurious pillow top mattress
  • Walkway access down each side of the bed

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