Wonderland RV Conquers Tough Tested Challenge in Epic Win

Wonderland RV

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Wonderland RV has proven its all-around performance and durability by winning this year’s Tough Tested caravan challenge. Tough Tested recently pitted the best caravans in the market against each other in the off-road 1906 Time Trial and Mega Test Track at the Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park in Barmera, South Australia.   tough-tested-on-track The participating caravans were put to the test especially in towing, handling, comfort, safety, and off-road capability. The drivers had to manage wombat holes, a water crossing, sand moguls, and the “caravan graveyard”, the deep hole part of the challenge. After driver Deb McFarlane took Wonderland RV’s Amaroo 1906 past the caravan graveyard, she smoothly crossed a water crossing. Toward the last part of Mega Test Track, she almost took a wrong turn but deftly manoeuvred into the right path.  RV Editor Chris Fincham called it a “tight, twisting dirt road circuit” and described the challenge as a “torture test”. Wonderland RV’s Amaroo 1906 nonetheless edged out 21 other competitors for the top spot with a score of 8:52. Red Centre Caravans and Goldstream RV placed second and third, respectively.  Watch full episode


Tough Off-road Caravans

Deb simply described the Amaroo as tough. “We only build tough vans. The vans are built to get from one end of the Gibb River Road to the other and still be in exactly the same condition, she said.   According to Caravan Camping Sales, Wonderland RV vans “will help get you to the campsite as quickly as possible, despite any adverse road conditions or obstacles in the way.”


Amaroo: A Stylish Off-Road Beast 

Amaroo is a luxury off-road caravan with spacious and comfortable interiors, sleek and elegant designs, and a sturdy body. The frames, chassis, and axles can handle any terrain and weather. Its appliances and systems that provide comfort and convenience on the road. Buyers can choose from 30 interior layouts to match their interests and trip preferences, and some customisations are also available.  Amaroo 1906 is a 19-foot, almost 6-tonne van fitted with: a full-size queen bed plus bunk beds; an L-shape lounge with adjustable height and foldout footrest; a kitchen with fridge, cabinets, sink, and pantry; a bathroom with separate shower and toilet areas; and a wall-mounted washing machine.   On the other hand, a review on Caravan World described Amaroo 2100RC-A as a beast that’s “tough as nails”, and an “offroad warrior” with stylish interiors that look fresh and light. 


Wonderland RV: Maker of Luxury Caravans 

Wonderland RV was thrilled by the win and consider it a testament to their commitment to improve their caravans and meet the needs of their customers. They use components from Cruisemaster, Goodrich, and Dometic to make their caravans, and have a unique design and construction process that ensures superior performance.  To discover more, check out the Amaroo range: https: // wonderlandrv.com.au/range/amaroo/

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