Meet the Amaroo 17’05”: Your Ideal Compact Couples Caravan

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Australia’s love for caravanning is no secret. With our vast landscapes and picturesque routes, it’s no wonder that more and more couples are choosing to explore the country in their caravan.  Statista reported that 45% of caravan and camping adventurers were either traveling as a couple or alone. A rise in solo caravanners was also observed by Tourism Australia. So, what kind of van do couples and solo travellers use?   That depends on personal preferences and needs, of course, but many select a compact caravan. Caravan size does matter, but bigger is not always better. 

Wonderland’s Innovative Luxury Caravans 

Wonderland RV is known for infusing innovation and premium features into its caravans. We employ a unique build method to ensure high quality and push the boundaries of customisation with a wide range of different layout options and personalisation  For a closer look at our process, check out our article: Designing Your Dream Caravan: An Inside Look at Wonderland RV’s Customisation Process   Now, let’s delve into why luxurious compact caravans for couples are a smart choice. 

Why Choose a Compact Caravan? 

Compact caravans are a special blend of convenience and comfort. They are easy to manoeuvre, are more fuel efficient, and require lower maintenance than their larger counterparts.  


Single axle vans are easier to handle, which is awesome for navigating narrow roads, tight corners, and small campsites. They’re perfect for exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations where larger caravans might struggle. 

Fuel Efficiency 

Because they’re lighter (Wonderland’s Amaroo AM1705R-L is 2280kg), two-person caravans offer better fuel efficiency. You can travel further on a single tank of fuel. 

Ease of Storage 

When you’re not on the road, a compact van is easier to store at home, saving you the cost and hassle of finding external storage.  

The Amaroo 17’05” ticks all the boxes 

One of the best caravans for couples in Australia with all the above benefits is the Amaroo 17’05” (AM1705R-L). Its thought-out design allows us to include all the same features and luxury as bigger vans. Do you want a peek inside it now?  Take a 3D Tour

The Amaroo 17”05’: Top Australian-Made Luxe Caravan for Two

This top-of-the-line caravan is designed for couples and solo adventurers. Perfect for off-road and off-grid explorations, it provides space efficiency, durable build and cozy interiors.   Here’s more of what makes the Amaroo stand out: 

Small in Size, Big on Comfort

Don’t let the size fool you – this compact van is one of the best caravans for couples. The Amaroo 17’05” packs a punch when it comes to highlights. Inside, it offers: 
  • An island bed for a relaxing night’s sleep 
  • The privacy of a separate shower and toilet 
  • A very convenient rear entry door (which is often praised by our customers!)  
This compact caravan also has a complete internal kitchen with a full-size refrigerator to make meal prep a breeze. 

A Powerful Couples Caravan, Inside and Out 

Underneath, the Amaroo comes with a standard 2.8-tonne XT Cruisemaster suspension. For a smoother ride, there’s the popular upgrade to a 3-tonne ATX airbag suspension. This takes out more of the little bumps on the road and assists with levelling at camp with a push button remote, along with the van’s decent ground clearance – expanding your trip possibilities!  The standard electrical system, Redarc Alpha 50 electrical system (with upgrade options available), ensures you’re never without power through multiple inputs like solar, 240V or from your car through the Anderson plug, and has accurate battery monitoring so you know how much power is being used or putting in at all times. All the electrical features mean you can conveniently plug in all your devices during your journeys.

Carry All You Can on Your Dream Van

Another standout feature is the generous water carrying capacity: 2 x 100L fresh water tanks, plus a rear 100L grey water tank. That means enough water for cooking, drinking, and showering. This is essential to ensure less frequent refills, and self-sufficiency even on long journeys.  To easily organise and stow away your gear, this Amaroo model has a lift-up queen bed with 675-litre internal storage, and 670-litre external tunnel boot storage (with slide-out upgrades). Top it with an array of interior cabinets and you can have a clutter-free and enjoyable retreat. 

Designed with Couples in Mind

The Amaroo is not just about practicalityit’s about feeling homey while away from home. It is compact but the interior feels roomy, thanks to a well-thought-out layout. The warm interior finishes, integrated storage solutions, and strategically placed windows add to its inviting atmosphere. 

Experience the Amaroo AM1705R-L for Yourself 

Experienced solo or couples caravanners and those just starting out will find the Amaroo 17’05” a prime choice. It’s Wonderland’s most compact and lightest couples caravan on offer, ideal for couples looking to explore Australia in comfort and style.  

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