Meet the Wonderland RV Family: Our Journey in Crafting Custom-Made Caravans

Wonderland RV

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Imagine your family gathering together around a campfire underneath the stars. Laughter echoes around you as your kids roast marshmallows, their faces glowing with delight.  

This might sound like a dream or a movie scene – but that’s also the heart of what Wonderland is all about. Making dreams a reality! 

The Start of Something Big 

Wonderland’s story began in 2014 when two adventurous sisters, Val and Ana, and their other halves, Kevin and Robert, dreamed of hitting the road with their families but they could not find a caravan for the trip they had in mind. The lack of luxury vans catering to growing families frustrated them. 

That’s when their “build-it-yourself” project began, and it quickly blossomed into something bigger than they could have ever imagined.  

Weekend brainstorming sessions in the garage evolved into a shared desire: to create a new type of caravan that was a highly functional, luxurious extension of your home. 

Wonderland RV was born out of this passion: to craft one-of-a-kind vans for families who craved comfort, luxury and adventure in equal measure. The owners knew there were others like them. Professionals with young families who couldn’t wait to escape the daily grind, or semi-retired couples and seasoned caravanners with a lifetime of experiences, who wanted to forge lasting memories in the vast outdoors of Australia. 

These are the kind of folks who weren’t satisfied with the one-size-fits-all caravans, and this is why at Wonderland RV we wanted to craft custom caravans for them. 

Fortune Favours The Adept 

At Wonderland RV, customisation and innovation are not an option – they’re in our DNA. We know that caravanners are not after a box on wheels. So, we do not produce identical caravans out of an assembly line.  

We’ve made it our mission to design and craft off-road caravans that are innovative, comfortable, and user-centric. This is why we listen closely to our customers and test our caravans during our own family trips. 

For example, Wonderland employs a unique approach to constructing caravan walls. We use a jigsaw-like technique through CNC router cutting, we achieve millimetre precision. Combine that with the one-piece roof and one-piece floor construction and you get a seamless unit that offers both durability and flexibility. 

(For more info on innovative and custom vans, read Wonderland RV Customisations: Creating a Caravan Tailored to Your Lifestyle.) 

Being caravanning enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the desire for that perfect home away from home. We explore innovative features and layouts imagined by actual caravan users. 

Why? Because we want every journey to be extraordinary, filled with life-changing experiences. It’s never just about the product. We want our custom caravans to be the stage for unforgettable moments and memories among families and mates. 

The Wonderland Crew: Crafting Custom Caravans 

As Customer Experience Manager, Ana is the friendly face that ensures every customer is happy with their Wonderland experience. From customer service and sales to dealer network management, she works closely with all departments to translate van dreams into reality.  

She says, “I love getting to know each customer, understanding their travel plans, and witnessing their excitement when they pick up their brand-new van. Getting travel updates and photos from their adventures is the ultimate reward for me!”   

Rob, who has been building caravans since he was a teenager, is our Production Manager. He ensures every caravan is built to precise standards, exactly as ordered, and delivered on time.  

Rob is inspired by the dedication and craftsmanship his team pours into every van. “I just love seeing each caravan come to life, knowing it will enable our customers to explore the country with their loved ones – and enjoy their time together”, he says. 

Kevin, our Design Manager, oversees design, engineering, customisations, and technical support. A true innovator, Kev uses family trips as a testing ground for new technology, features, and designs. He thrives on refining layouts, specifications, and aesthetics to create products that keep getting better with every iteration.   

On the road, Kev transforms into “Jack”, who enjoys a challenge, thanks to his ability to solve almost any problem. “I enjoy working on new ideas or better ways of doing things. I don’t think I’ll ever stop going after creating the ultimate caravan”, he shares. 

Our Finance Manager, Val works behind the scenes where she manages the finances & HR. Her big-picture thinking ensures all decisions uphold their vision and values, so every customer experiences the difference a Wonderland makes.  

When it’s time to escape, Val sets her inner self free. She mentions that she “loves free camping by rivers with a good book.” 

Trailblazing Into the Future 

At Wonderland RV, we don’t just follow the caravan industry’s well-trodden path. We like forging our own path, driven to redefine what’s possible in terms of design, technology, and capability. We extend this to our suppliers, challenging them to innovate with us.  

From our industry-leading smart electrical systems to our robust chassis and suspensions that conquer any terrain, every element of a Wonderland RV caravan embodies our pioneering spirit.  

It’s not just about the next big trend, but about shaping the future of caravanning, one step at a time. For now, we’re focusing on improving our internal production processes as we continue to improve our quality,  productivity and service. 

We step into the future with the admission that we’re not just caravan builders. We’re a family still obsessed with creating new experiences and moments on the perfect Aussie adventure caravan for folks just like us. 

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